Product Name:PET Sheet Machine
Product Description:


PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET sheet extrusion line was developed by our company with compact structure,high and stable output,reasonable configuration and high automation is available for 100% reclaimed scrap material and can product PET sheet used for packing material due to its advantages of air insulating, being free from other additives, cleanliness,good tenacity and ductibility, good reclaiming performance, etc. They are popular in the following packing and printing fields as medcine, food, electric appliance,toys,etc.
Extruder: Parallel double screw extruder is characterized by high output and good plasticization.The vacuum exhaust improves the quality of the product. It can process various sorts of plastic.
Metering pump: The meter pump with excellent quality alloy steel guarantees stable melting pressure and flow.
Mould: Moulds adopts high qualilty alloy steel and can make the material flow distributes evenly in the mouth mould.
Traction: the cooling roller is of large diameter, low temperature and S type material discharge. It enlarges the impulsive cooling area and shortens the length of the production line. Rubber and steel rollers are equipped to realize traction,which guarantees the needed friction force, and the surface quality of the sheet as well. Corona treatment: It eliminates the static on the surface and enlares the surface tension which quanrantees the printing quality. Double Work –station coiler: Two moment motors supply the power to the machine, and pneumatic shafts do coiling work respctively. Width of the sheet:≤1500mm Thickness:0.2-1.5mm