Product Name:Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Equipment
Product Description:

Hollow wall winding pipe equipment:
Product synopsis: in recent years in polyethylene plastic pipe - (HDPE) of large diameter hollow wall winding pipe to replace cement pipe for success. Made in our company take the lead in research and development, with independent intellectual property rights as a whole unit, large diameter hollow wall winding pipe equipment, is the first domestic production (HDPE) of large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production line manufacturers, has a strong technological advantage and rich experience in production of tubing. Its quality performance index has reached the international advanced, the leading domestic level.
HDPE large-diameter hollow wall winding pipe equipment performance and features:
1) the host adopt efficient single screw extruder, high speed, high quality extrusion;
2) using a combined head, screw rotational molding, the structure is exquisite, unique design, to ensure product quality;
3) USES the advanced PLC computer control system, easy operation, stable and reliable;
4) special pipe connection, connection construction is convenient.