Product Name:Carat Pipe Equipment
Product Description:

Carat pipe production is introduced
This production line adopts high efficiency extruder winding and synchronous PE extrusion welding technology, production of high performance structure wall confined water supply pipe, HDPE pipe and large caliber high ring stiffness and impact strength of finished product.
Production line adopts PLC control system, intelligent man-machine dialogue interface, simple operation, has the correlation. Range of application
Municipal engineering: for municipal underground drainage, drainage, rainwater collection, water, ventilation, etc.
Road utility: can be used as a railway, highway, golf, football field, such as permeability, drain.
Industry: because of polyethylene, polypropylene material has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance ability, is widely used in nuclear power, steel mills, power plants, petrochemical, dock, station and other fields, especially in the tidal flats, saline-alkali land, the bottom of the sea bed, soft foundation of expansive soil, such as seismic zone have prominent advantages under the bad environment.