Product Name:Steel Belt Corrugated Pipe Equipment
Product Description:


Product introduction
Steel belt to enhance PE spiral corrugated pipe is a kind of high density PE (PE) as the matrix (inner and outer layer) and surface coating adhesive resin steel strip winding structure of the composite wall tube. Wall structure made up of three layers: the inner layer is a continuous layer of PE pipe, solid wall inner tube outer wrapping has (with become a "U" shaped steel) annular corrugated steel reinforced belt, PE in corrugated steel belt reinforced composite in vitro of outer layer, thereby composite overall spiral corrugated pipe.
With enhancement spiral corrugated steel tube good combined with just, their respective advantages, pressed into approximation with continuous steel belt "U" shaped steel is wrapped around the inside and outside two layer between the PE of hot melt, high rigidity, high strength steel and PE of flexibility, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other advantages, solve the problem of the corrosion of steel, break through the larger diameter of the plastic underground drainpipe ring just normally only achieved SN8 restrictions.