Product Name:Plastic Extruder
Product Description:



Extruder fits for thermoplastic pipe, plate, sheet, bar, profile, plastic granulation for PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA, PVC and so forth. Adopt different length to diameter ratios and compression ratios in screw aiming at various raw materials and product specs. Adopt different structures in canister. Select suitable canister, screw and drive mechanism to satisfy processing requirements of high quality product.
● High yield, low consumption.
● Thermal processing and fine milling for each gear in reduction gearbox with hard gear surface, compelled cooling system to ensure efficient, low noise and long lifetime.
● Geometric parameters, reasonable structure, the screw has different ratios of length to diameter and structures aiming at various raw materials and products to meet customers’ needs.
● There are two structures, ditch groove and smooth section in heating section of material canister to meet the requirements of various raw materials.
● Adopt high performance alloy steel in screw, material canister, feature in wearable, anti-corrosion, high intensity and so on.
● Tight and reasonable structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance.