Product Name:Wood Door PVC Foam Machine
Product Description:


PVC Wood-plastic Co-extrusion Foamed  Door Plate Production Line

Properties and Advantages:
This line uses SJSZ80 conical twin screw extruder or SJSP90 parallel twin screw extruder.
With PLC Control system in the production line, reliable and stable performance,
The down stream equipment includes vacuum calibration and cooling unit, haul-off unit, cutting machine and stacker;
The calibration unit is equipped with large forced cooling system so that it can provide perfect calibration effect;
The haul-off unit is caterpillar style. The lower one is fixed and the upper one can be adjusted according to the plate size;
The cutting machine is able to set length and provide accurate automatic cutting;
The stacker is attached with material cart and rubber protection layer to prevent products from damage,and easy operation.
Production Line Model
Max.Profile width(mm)
Total Power of Auxiliary Units(kw)
Cooling water(m³/h)
Compressed Air Pressure(Mpa)