Product Name:Construction Formwork
Product Description:




Our company has the most ripe technology to produce the plastic building templates machine and the plastic building templates !
Formwork is made of PE PP, fly ash, calcium carbonate and other fillers.
 It is 5 layers, outside two green surfaces are PP or PE, using the recycling material, such as the recycled film, package, the reclaimed plastic pipe, barrel and other things!
In the middle it is made by the fly ash, calcium carbonate and the other fillers.
 And there are two layer fiberglasses net in it!  It made the board have the high intensity, small distortion degree and small expansion coefficient.
 The plastic building templates can replace steel templates and bamboo plastic sheet templates. Its advantages are as follows: low cost, light weight, it can continuous use 20 -50 times, Waste material can be re-used to do new building templates!
The standard size of the building template:915x1830x12mm or 1000x2000x12mm or meet your demand .